Our Founder

What kind of person starts a perfume house?

Ted Rohn is Raer Scents' Founder and Perfumer. Having lived and worked in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver, he is an internationally respected Creative Director. He founded Raer in 2017.

“I started Raer because I love perfume. But in a world full of commercial synthetics, I couldn't find ‘The Perfect Scent’. I wanted a fragrance that was bold and unique, but also fairly traded, and made with natural ingredients. I couldn't find it, so I made my own.”

Ted worked as a graphic designer at famous London branding agency The Partners, before becoming an Art Director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, working under the legendary Tom Ford and helping to launch several iconic Gucci and YSL scents.

Ted is the former Head of Creative at furniture retailer Habitat, and former Art Director of cycling brand Brooks England. He is also the founder of the Tweed Run, an international vintage cycling event.

“Perfume has always been a passion of mine. I love its ability to evoke memories. I remember my father’s bottle of Aramis beside the bathroom sink, and I remember the smell of my mother spraying Patou before she left the house. I remember my first bottle of perfume: Geoffrey Beane’s Grey Flannel.”

As a perfumer, Ted is mostly autodidactic (save a short stint at ISIPCA). His love of natural materials and a desire to create beautiful perfumes without compromise has pushed him to fill his perfume organ with rare, exotic ingredients from around the world.

“I’m always smelling new matières premières. When I find something that’s unbearably beautiful, I know it has to be the focus of a new perfume. Formulating is like a dance. The ingredients set the rhythm and tell you what they need, how they want to be used, who they want to be paired with. It’s the perfumer’s job to add the flair.”

Ted misspent his youth in nightclubs and music venues where developed a healthy appreciation for underground culture. His aesthetic is a marriage of high and low, of glamourising the unexpected, of stark contrasts, of beauty with an edge. 

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