Raer 06: Tuberose+Ylang


This perfume is a hedonistic white floral Aria. At centre stage, two perfume Grand Dames: a carnal overdose of Tuberose Flower enfleurage cast against extravagant African Ylang Ylang. Exotic Jasmin Sambac petals and rare Moroccan Orange Blossom sing in the chorus. For the contrapposto, a touch of smokey Vetyver Root from Java brings unexpected tension. A thrillingly modern floral operetta full of sensual passion.

This perfume was designed as an iconic classic White Floral perfume, made ultra modern with the addition of a smokey, pyrogenated layer.



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Tuberose India flower floral, decadent
Ylang Ylang Comoro Islands flower creamy, white floral
Jasmin Sambac India flower spicey, white floral
Orange Blossom North Africa flower floral, elegant, sharp
Rose Bulgaria flower elegant, floral
Vetyver Java Root smokey, woody


Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)
ORIGIN: Southern India
EXTRACTION: Enfleurage


Tuberose is an opulent white flower that releases a captivating, seductive scent that has been prized in perfuming for thousands of years. Its headiness and power make it famously difficult to balance in a creation. It is traditionally the flower of illicit lovers.

Our Tuberose is wild harvested from fields in Southern India. Each flower is picked by hand and then extracted through enfleurage, a painstaking ancient method where the flowers are placed by hand on a sheet of vegetable fat. The fat extracts the precious oils from the flowers. The flowers are replaced every day for two weeks during the enfleurage process.