Raer 08: Labdanum+Oak


An intense perfume steeped in steadiness and strength. Built on a fortress base of sweet ten year-aged English Oakwood and resinous Wild Labdanum. Spicy Elemi Resin and Black Peppercorn give a floral fire background; Vetyver Root offers power and structure, while exotic hints of Black Cardamom and French Carrot Seed, Osmanthus Flower, and Yerba Maté Tealeaf play in the background. This is a smooth, suave perfume to be worn with self-assurance.

This perfume is an ode to self-expression and feeling comfortable in one's own skin. It captures the many complexities of identity in modern society: exaggerated, intensified, sometimes full of contradictions but wildly fun and exciting. 

CLASSIFICATION: Sweet, Woody, Balsamic



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Oak wood England wood woody, dried fruits
Wild Labdanum France resin ambery, balsamic
Elemi Philippines resin spicey, peppery
Cardamom India seed spicey, candied
Osmanthus China flower floral, apricot, fruity
Yerba Maté Brazil leaf herbal, hay, tea


Oak (Quercus Robur)
ORIGIN: England

European Oak trees are ubiquitous in forests throughout Europe. Large and strong and eternal, they symbolise strength, steadfastness and determination. European Oak barrels are the vintners’ choice for ageing wines, giving richness and character to fine wines.

Our Oakwood is CO2-extracted from roasted English oak wood, then aged for over ten years to develop the syrupy rich, butter rum and raisin notes that you might recognise from oak barrelled wines