Raer 05: Black+White Pepper


Our interpretation of a classic fougère done with a modern edge. A core of spicey Black and White Peppercorn and our own opulent handpicked Immortelle Flower. Rich Dried Tobacco Leaf, spice from Aceh Mace, Clove Buds; sweetness from Tonka Bean and Benzoin Resin. Smokey green notes from Iranian Galbanum Gum emphasise the ornery personality, all underpinned by a fine French Oak Moss. Crisp, exciting and full of surprises.

We love a fougère. Original fougères were classic "barbershop" scents, but ours is a super modern and unexpectedly complex scent with spicy notes and a clean Tangerine finish.  

Dry, Aromatic, Peppery.



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Black Pepper Madagascar berry hot, floral
White Pepper Vietnam berry hot, animalic
Immortelle Corsica wood metallic, herb
Tonka Brazil bean vanillic, honey
Tobacco Bulgaria leaf warm, leathery
Galbanum Iran resin green, bitter
Oak Moss France moss earthy, dry, thick


Pepper (Piper nigrum)
ORIGIN Vietnam & Madagascar
EXTRACTION CO2 extraction

Peppercorns grow like tiny grapes on Piper Nigrum vine. Black and white Pepper are the same berry: White Pepper starts as a black peppercorn, but the thin outer skin is removed by hand. The naked peppercorns are then sun-dried before being crushed and extracted using a technical CO2 process. Our perfume contains both an animalic White and a seductive almost floral Black Pepper. We use these berries from Piper Nigrum vines are been cultivated by hand by small farmer groups, as well as a bright, fruity Pink Peppercorn (Schinus Molle) from Peru – actually a berry, not a true pepper.

We use the same white, black and pink peppercorns that you would use for cooking. They’re extracted in the countries where they’re picked, which keeps money and knowledge in the local economies.