Raer Scents’ story

Raer Scents is a modern perfume house made without compromise: unique handcrafted botanical scents that are made from the finest sustainable matières premières in the world. 

Our journey began in 2017, when Raer Scents' Founder, Ted Rohn, was looking for a perfume that was modern and special but also sustainable. He could not find the perfect perfume, so he created it. Together with a friend, he developed the proof-of-concept versions of our first Raer perfumes. 

Raer's collection has now grown to a range of ten perfumes, all created with the same ideals. 

Inspired by the Bauhaus tradition and the energy of Berlin, we make modern linear scents from rare traditional ingredients­­­ — sustainably grown and ethically harvested of course. We value the process and the craft as much as we do our materials and the final product. We create our own formulas without compromising on integrity, cost or quality. We handcraft our perfumes ourselves, using time-consuming ancient artisanal perfuming techniques. We handfill every bottle of Raer perfume at our Atelier in Berlin, across the river from Mies van der Rohe's Neue Nationalgalerie. 

We chose to work directly with farmers and small producers around the world to source our ingredients, giving them time and resources to produce the best raw ingredients possible. We've started working with an organic farming collective in the South of France to plant our own ingredients, and started doing our own wild foraging for some of our ingredients. It's an exciting time for us, we're glad you could come along for the journey. 


Find our more about Ted, our Founder