Raer 01: Nagarmotha


A bold, exotic scent that begins with a deep narcotic hit of Nagarmotha Root and dark aromatic Patchouli Leaf, the sharp freshness of Makrut Lime Leaf and the earthy elegance of Vetyver Root from Java, all supported by a luxurious modern Somali Frankincense Resin and warm sweet Moroccan Atlas Cedarwood foundation. Sensual and earthy, with a surprising freshness.

The unexpected bright citrus sparkle comes from a citrus topnote of Makrut Lime Leaf, Tangerine and Red Mandarin. You probably know Makrut Lime Leafs from Tom Yum Gai soup. 

CLASSIFICATION: Aromatic, Citrus, Herbaceous



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Nagarmotha India root woody, narcotic
Makrut Lime Indonesia leaf citrus, fresh
Olibanum Somalia resin sweet, smokey
Vetyver Haiti root earthy, woody
Patchouli Indonesia leaf exotic, spicey
Atlas Cedar Morocco wood creamy, woody


NAGARMOTHA (Cyperus scariosus)
ORIGIN: Madhya Pradesh, India
EXTRACTION: Steam distillation

Nagarmotha – also called Cypriol – is a riverbank grass native to India that offers a rich and earthy scent profile that is both alluring and grounding. In Chinese medicine, Nagarmotha is said to regulate Qi, the life energy. The plant’s roots, once dried, give off an exotic warm wood scent that combines herbal notes with fresh elements. It’s challenging to harvest, so Nagarmotha is rarely used these days; in modern perfuming, it has now mostly been replaced by Vetyver. But its powerful narcotic scent is unparalleled.

Our Nagarmotha Root is grown on a collective farm in Madhya Pradesh, India and is hand-harvested just after the monsoon season subsides, then dried in the sun before being extracted on site.