Natural perfumes handcrafted from rare ingredients

Modern, complex, unique. Like you.

Raer Scents is a modern natural perfume house. We create unique 100% botanical perfumes using only sustainable rare plant ingredients.

We craft all our perfumes by hand at our Atelier in the heart of Berlin-Mitte.

100% Botanical

We work directly with farmers and small producers to get the finest natural rare ingredients from around the world and handblend them into highly original, modern perfumes using traditional perfumery techniques that date back thousands of years.

We only use pure plant ingredients in our perfumes – nothing synthetic, no chemicals, no preservatives.

Modern Natural Perfumes

Each of our perfumes begins with the inspiration of a single rare ingredient. We search the world for extraordinary natural plant extracts of incredible quality. When we find something exquisite, this ingredient becomes the centre of a new Raer Scents perfume.

Then we highlight special aspects of our star with a host of supporting ingredients to create an exciting, modern perfume.

Our Collection
Farmer stands in her lavender fields

Emilie grows our Lavender in the South of France.
We purchase her entire harvest.

Sustainable. Handmade. Special.

We work with farmers and producers who value traditional techniques, sustainable gathering, and generational soil health. Our traditional ingredients are rarely used nowadays because they are difficult to plant and expensive to harvest.

Our highly concentrated parfums are handcrafted, without compromise: original, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

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