Raer 09: Angelica Root


This perfume is an ode to rebirth: an ethereal fiery haze of Belgian Angelica Root, ancient Swiss Stone Pine Needle, grounding French Oak Moss, with an irresistible Gin & Tonic opening of wild-foraged Juniper Berries and Calabrian Lemon Peel. Warmth comes from Pimento Leaf and resinous Wild Labdanum; Myrrh Resin and musk from rare Ambrette Seeds give earthy depth to the composition. A perfume that speaks of possibility and renewal.

This scent was made just as Corona lockdown (hence the Gin and Tonic topnote) and embodies the opportunity to constantly reconsider and refashion ourselves and our lives after awakening from a period of introspection. 

PERFUME FAMILY: Agric fougère
CLASSIFICATION: Green, fiery, fun



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Angelica Belgium root green, grassy, earthy
Ambrette Peru seed musk, earthy, nutty
Juniper Berry France berry spicey, fruity, woody
Lemon Italy peel bright, citrus, zesty
Stone Pine Switzerland wood, leaf terpenic, dry, piney
Myrrh Somalia resin balsamic, thick, musty


Angelica Root (Angelica Archangelica)
ORIGIN: Belgium

Angelica is aromatic, herbaceous plant that is native to damp mountainous regions in northern Europe. It has musky, spicey fire notes that are equally green and smokey. It has traditionally been used to purify and to ward off evil and bad luck.

Our Angelica Root is cultivated in Belgium.