Raer 02: Cade+Frankincense


A smokey, layered perfume built around a fiery centre of French Cade Wood. Precious oils extracted from burnt Frankincense Resin offers their sacred incense notes. Elegance and intrigue comes from Turkish Rose Absolute. We then add sweet honey notes from Guaiac Wood and rare Madagascan Vanilla Bean. Mesmerising and mysterious, for lovers of strong, complex scents full of personality.

The Burnt Frankincense gives this perfume a Church-y vibe, and the spicey Turkish Rose makes the scent really sophisticated but also modern and fun. 
CLASSIFICATION: Incense, Bourbon, Phenolic (Smokey)



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Cade France & Spain wood & tar smokey, leather, wood
Rose Turkey flower floral, spicey
Frankincense Somalia resin incense, smoke
Vanilla Madagascar pod sweet, animalic
Vetyver Java root woody, smokey
Guaiac Paraguay wood burnt honey


CADE (Juniperus oxycedrus)
ORIGIN: France & Northern Spain
EXTRACTION: Steam distillation

Cade is from an ancient species of juniper, grows at sea level on rocky sites across the Mediterranean. Through distillation of the rough bark, we gain this dark, aromatic tar oil with it’s strong campfire smoke smell. Ancient cultures believed it had the power to chase away evil spirits. In the Middle Ages in Europe, Cade used to be used to scent leather, after the tanning process that left the hides with unpleasant scents.

We use two different Cade oils in this perfume: a Cade Tar oil from an organic forest in the north of Spain, and a Cade Wood oil from France’s last traditional hand distiller of Cadewood.