Raer 07: Orris+Cacao

A perfume with an indulgently playful heart, constructed around a rare powdery Tuscan Orris Root, with a flirtatious wink of velvety chocolate Cacao Bean. Seductive Moroccan Neroli and sensual Brazilian Bois de Rose is mated with a fiery Sichuan Peppercorn 
and earthy French Oakmoss. A mischievous and enigmatic perfume full of spirited beauty.



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Orris Root Italy root powdery, floral, opulent
Cacao Bean West Africa bean creamy, chocolatey
Neroli Morocco flower delicate, floral, beautiful
Bois de Rose Brazil wood woody, clean
Sichuan Pepper China berry bright, spicey, floral
Oak Moss France lichen earthy, dry, thick

Orris Root (Iris florentina)
ORIGIN: Tuscany, Italy

Orris Root is the dried rhizome of the beautiful but scentless Florentine Iris flower. Our Tuscan Orris Root is first hand harvested, then peeled, sun-dried and sorted. The root bulbs are odourless when harvested; they must be left to mature for three years in damp underground cellars to enable the Orris roots to oxidise and form the ionones that define the irresistible soft, round powdery scent.

Our Orris root is cultivated completely by hand on a centuries-old family-owned farm in the Tuscan hills.