Raer 04: Cedar+Ginger


A fresh, invigorating scent with a creative soul. Warm notes of aromatic Virginia Cedarwood and sweet red Buddha Wood are fused with a compliment of regal Ionian Bergamot from Calabria and spicy Indonesian Ginger Root, then layered with our own French Lavender Flower and given a hint of sparkle from Pink Peppercorn and Petitgrain Citronnier. Deep and woody with a fascinating brightness.

See if you can pick out the individual notes from the perfume’s bright, cheerful core: the citrusy, zesty Bergamot (think Earl Grey tea), fresh herbal Lavender and the sweet warm spice of the Ginger Root.


Fresh, Bright, Sporty



Ingredient Origin Source Character
Virgina Cedar USA wood woody, bright
Ginger Nigeria root warm, spicey
Bergamot Italy peel citrus, bright
Petitgrain Citronnier Italy leaf, stem citrus, wood, green
Pink Pepper Peru berry fruity, peppery
Lavender France flower floral, herbal


Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana)
ORIGIN Northern United States
EXTRACTION Steam distillation

Cedar is the aromatic wood of a species of juniper native to eastern North America. The sapwood of this majestic tree is distilled into a fresh, green scented absolute with earthy, woody, masculine, leathery and deep aromas in the background – a scent that will remind you of pencils.

Our Cedar oils are extracted from off-cuts, sawdust and shavings that would otherwise be considered waste, gathered from sawmills in the United States.