The Raer Scents Atelier

The Raer Scents Atelier is our working perfume lab in the heart of Berlin, where we handcraft all our Raer perfumes. Our Atelier is in a listed building, in the former life drawing studio of the Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen (Association of Berlin Women Artists), the first German painting academy for women. 

We formulate perfumes upstairs at our perfume desk, where we keep samples of around 1000 natural matières premières from all around the world. 

Downstairs is our lab, where we blend and compound our perfumes. We store the bulk of our matières premières in UV shielded fridges at a stable 5°C, covered in a blanket of Argon to keep them in perfect condition. Bottling and boxing is also done – by hand, of course – on the lab table. We also keep our bottled perfume in the fridges, so that when our perfumes leave our Atelier, they are perfect

We keep our ten Raer Scents perfumes on display, and we regularly take time to walk visitors through the scents’ notes and layers. We host monthly workshops around the massive wenge wood table. To honour the history of the building, we also regularly host art exhibitions in our space.

The Raer Scents Atelier an be visited by appointment.
Please message us on Whatsapp,
+49 173 458 3296